5 Tips to Get The Best Price in Fort Myers

5 Tips to Get The Best Price Achieving a quick sale and securing the best possible price for your house are reasonable and attainable goals. It requires a bit of sprucing up, some common-sense approaches, strategic pricing, and one additional key ingredient. Here are five tips to help you get the best price in Fort Myers.

1. Spruce Up Kitchen and Bath

You don’t have to do any costly major remodeling – just a little judicious refurbishing and updating. And it only needs to be in the high-use areas, namely, the kitchen and bathroom(s).

Prospective buyers tend to scrutinize the kitchen and bathroom, making any improvements in these areas likely to have a significant impact on your sale price. Consider installing new appliances in the kitchen to provide a modern look. In the bathroom, updating sink and tub/shower fittings and installing a new vanity can make a substantial difference. While these upgrades are not overly expensive, they can greatly enhance the overall appeal of your home and contribute positively to its sale value.

2. Kill the Bugs

Just one cockroach can kill a sale or drive the price way down. Now, this isn’t to impugn your housekeeping. If, however, your near neighbors have roaches and they’ve recently sprayed, then those roaches will move on to the next house – maybe yours. So calling the exterminator ahead of time will more than pay for itself.

3. Price for Bid Appeal

Absolutely, strategic pricing plays a crucial role in securing the best price in Fort Myers. It goes beyond merely aligning with market value, involving a thoughtful and nuanced approach to pricing that considers various factors influencing the local real estate landscape. A well-thought-out pricing strategy can attract potential buyers, maximize your property’s value, and contribute significantly to a successful and lucrative sale.

The first tactic of strategic pricing is pricing at the lower end of the home’s value range in order to encourage multiple offers and bidding competition. Pricing in the lower range will excite more interest among more buyers to put in an offer quickly to take advantage of the good price. And then with more buyers bidding, the price is driven up.

4. Price for Real Estate Searches

This is another aspect of strategic pricing to get the best price in Fort Myers. It involves ensuring that your price falls within buyers’ search parameters.

Most buyers will describe to their agent what they’re looking for in general terms – for example, three bedrooms, two baths, large backyard. They will also usually indicate a preferred price range, say, between $100,000 and $150,000. So if you’re aiming at that market, you want to make sure you price within the specified range so that your home shows up in online searches. If, for example, you set your price at $155,000, that wouldn’t be within the search parameters, and you’d miss out on those potential buyers.

5. Use Qualified Local Agents

Generally, the advice is to use a real estate agent if you want to get the best price in Fort Myers. But you don’t want to use just any agent because a local agent can usually help you get better results. A local agent can help you with optimum pricing because she may know about sales in the area/neighborhood that are in progress, but not yet on public record.

Before selecting a real estate agent, thorough research is essential. Scrutinize their sales track record, paying particular attention to whether the homes they represented sold for more or less than the initial asking price. This examination will provide valuable insights into the agent’s negotiation skills and effectiveness in achieving favorable outcomes for their clients..

These 5 tips are some good first steps to get the best price in Fort Myers. But there’s still more you can do to increase your chances of getting the best price possible for your house and getting it sooner rather than later.


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